The LMG Difference

A strong and experienced team combining market expertise, marketing skillsand operational capabilities and also featuring strong connections with a wide network
of relationships at individual and institutional levels.

A well defined investment philosophy seeking absolute rather than relative return and controlled volatility through a suitable asset and product allocation, but which does not exclude high risk/reward propositions if appropriate for the client.

The ability to propose original solutions to some of the most important issues
that every investor faces:
- How to invest cash in the most efficient way
- How to increase return without increasing risk in a similar proportion
- How to gain exposure to all major asset classes
- How to take advantage of occasional specific market opportunities

A large array of contractual relationships with highly reputable financial institutions and asset management companies which enables LMG to provide its clients with a credible high quality offering including a whole range of financial services.

A special focus on client security:
- LMG is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
- Longstanding reputation of LMG's founding partner
- High level of resources available through LMG partnerships
- Choice of custodian left to the client
- Complete fee transparency in particular where retrocessions are involved
Because LMG considers its clients as partners, it makes available to them a wide network of relationships and it ensures that they receive the highest quality and most cost efficient service. 
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