The Global Advisory Offering

LMG seeks to position itself as an advisor of choice to family offices and other professional clients such as asset management companies, funds of funds or private banks.

Because of its strong relationship network and its core asset management activities, LMG has the ability to identify the products and services which are most suitable to its clients needs.

Such products and services not only represent a quality and experience based selection but they also reflect LMG's continuous attempt to offer original and innovative solutions to its clients.
  • Access to Asset Management Products and Services

  • Access to a state of the art quantitative model

This model includes macro-economic forecasts, monetary conditions analysis and market valuation indicators. With its long standing track record of accuracy, it is a highly efficient tool for global asset management. It is actually used by a large pension fund and a prominent sovereign fund.
  • Access to Selected Managers/Funds

LMG has developed a distribution activity as an extension of its asset management expertise. This allows for some truly distinctive factors in LMG's product offering which basically support the fact that those products are firstly selected as suitable for investment by LMG's partner and managed clients:
  • LMG will generally have had a longstanding personal relationship with the managers
  • The products will often involve a degree of technicality where LMG can really bring value to sophisticated investors
  • There is no strict rule as to size, length of track record or format (onshore/offshore fund, managed account, note)
  • LMG's intervention will not preclude investors from having a direct relationship with the managers as needed or in general make them incur any additional cost – on the contrary they could benefit under certain conditions from a share of the rebate and other advantages LMG will have negotiated
  • Access to Structured Products

In keeping with its focus on matching its offerings with adequate and quality resources, LMG has entered into a partnership with a specialised brokerage firm that will allow its clients to receive an exceptional level of services in this area.  It will thus be able to present interested clients with the best ideas of the moment, to respond to their specific requests for constructing a product or evaluating one and to always be in a position to provide complete pricing transparency.
  • Access to the Syndicate Market

LMG will use its best endeavours to enable its clients to participate into the IPO market.  This will imply for interested clients to have an account with one or several banks active in this field.
  • Access to Online Global Trading Platform

LMG has identified and experienced a number of efficient trading platforms suitable for active traders.
  • Access to Other Financial Products and Services

    • Family Office Services: Partnership

LMG understands that the asset management service it offers to its wealthy clients is only part of the global wealth management solution that these clients may seek.
Because of its experience and expertise, LMG is in a position to interact with
the banks. Such interaction may take place on different levels:
  • Advice on fees and commissions charged
  • Control of trade executions
  • Advice on asset allocation
  • Review of performance
When the client requirement becomes that of a full family office type service, LMG can answer it with the support of the partners it has selected in this field.

The concept is to offer wealthy families, foundations and individuals comprehensive, integrated and customised solutions on how to manage, protect and optimise their wealth.
In involves:
  • Performance of a complete wealth audit and establishment of a Strategic Wealth Plan, Tax, Legal and Compliance issues with clients existing advisers or additional experts
  • Implementation of the Investment Process including strategic asset allocation, selection of asset managers and monitoring of execution and performance
  • Consolidation of assets (including non financial) and performance evaluation
  • Provision of specialised services such as hedging and monetisation of single stock positions, advising in niches areas such as specialty financing, insurance, art, yachts and planes, travel
LMG plans on remaining closely involved with the whole process to ensure that at all times it exactly meets the needs of its client.
  • Risk Management: Partnership

With the leveraged state of the world, systemic risk has been substantially increased overall. LMG believes therefore that large portfolios need some risk management analysis on both the asset and liability side. Proper implementation of such risk management requires special stills which LMG can access through its partnership with an advisory firm experienced in that field.
  • Investment Banking Services: Partnership

Also important in the concept of a versatile one stop shop are investment banking services. LMG, through its High Net Worth clients or its network of relationships, is occasionally presented with investment banking opportunities.

In order to be able to exploit such opportunities, it has selected two investment banking boutiques, one in London and one in Paris, which will be able to handle transactions of various sizes in different geographical locations.
  • Non traditional/illiquid investments: "Forum"

LMG has developed the concept of a forum where its clients and other relationships are able to meet and exchange investment opportunities including distressed or illiquid situations, innovative transactions and private equity deals.
  • Real Estate: Partnership

LMG is able to advise its clients at different stages of a transaction:
  • Sourcing of deals through their contacts with owners and brokers
  • Due diligence process in close cooperation with experienced individuals
  • Dependent on the size of the acquisition, financing through specialised lenders

LMG's products and services offering aims to be "best of breed", innovation and comprehensive. They extended well beyond asset management and include a whole range of financial products and services made available through partnerships LMG has entered into.

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