The Wealth Management Offering

LMG provides wealthy individuals and families (defined as professional clients under the MiFID client categorisation) with professional and personalised investment management and advice.

The access to LMG's asset management services could not be easier. LMG is happy to intervene on the clients existing accounts, but it also has selected custodians in various jurisdictions if the client  prefers to have a new account dedicated to LMG's activity.
  • Discretionary / Advisory Asset Management Services

LMG will handle both discretionary and advisory accounts. Service may be global or limited to one asset class or just one product.
  • Asset Allocation

For global portfolios, LMG will provide an asset allocation service based on the following:
  • Assessment of the risk/return characteristics of the portfolio
  • Definition of strategic ranges (percentages) for each asset class
  • Choice of tactical asset allocation
  • Constant monitoring and updating of the asset allocation in light of market conditions and performance
LMG's asset allocation process is greatly enhanced by:
  • Its participation in an Investment Committee which regroups a number of highly qualified investment professional located in different parts of the world
  • Its privileged access to a long standing and highly sophisticated quantitative model, including macro-economic forecasts, monetary conditions and market valuation indicators which provide a significant edge in assessing the appropriate level of risk and optimising asset exposure in a portfolio
  • Portfolio of Selected Managers / Funds

Consistent with its objective of providing a highly professional and global asset management service, LMG has devised an offering consisting of:
  • A core product offering global exposure to all asset classes within a tightly controlled risk and cost environment
  • A selection of highly specific strategies run by managers with whom LMG has had a close and long standing relationship
  • Direct investment in specific market opportunities

LMG strongly believes that clients portfolios should not only be invested in funds but also include direct investments in bonds, equities or other financial instruments.  
LMG offers for such investments a well defined approach combining opportunistic trading and deep value investing.  Trading can be characterised as trend following and event driven with a time horizon of 1 week to 6 months.  More long term investments, 6 months to 2 years, will be sought in undervalued/distressed situations.
Overall LMG's direct investments will generally have a higher risk/reward profile than the rest of the portfolio.
LMG's offering is versatile so that it achieves the right equilibrium between the European style "Private Bank" approach and the Anglo-Saxon style "Brokerage" approach. It also combines the advantages of a product centric company with those of an idependent wealth management organization.

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