Direct Investment - Our Approach

Our Approach

Our Approach

  • Risk Management: Partnership

With the leveraged state of the world, systemic risk has been substantially increased overall. LMG believes therefore that large portfolios need some risk management analysis on both the asset and liability side. Proper implementation of such risk management requires special stills which LMG can access through its partnership with an advisory firm experienced in that field.
  • Investment Banking Services: Partnership

Also important in the concept of a versatile one stop shop are investment banking services. LMG, through its High Net Worth clients or its network of relationships, is occasionally presented with investment banking opportunities.

In order to be able to exploit such opportunities, it has selected two investment banking boutiques, one in London and one in Paris, which will be able to handle transactions of various sizes in different geographical locations.
  • Non traditional/illiquid investments: "Forum"

LMG has developed the concept of a forum where its clients and other relationships are able to meet and exchange investment opportunities including distressed or illiquid situations, innovative transactions and private equity deals.
  • Real Estate: Partnership

LMG is able to advise its clients at different stages of a transaction:
  • Sourcing of deals through their contacts with owners and brokers
  • Due diligence process in close cooperation with experienced individuals
  • Dependent on the size of the acquisition, financing through specialised lenders
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