Asset Management - Overview


Our Approach
Discretionary Services
Advisory Services


We offer our clients choice. Our services include:

1. Discretionary management
Discretionary management is designed for clients who wish to delegate all investment decisions to LMG. Our investment process is made in order to satisfy the needs of ours clients in terms of exposure (region, industry, currency) and liquidity . We continuously assess risk and discuss, with our clients, investment performance, themes and actions during our monthly meetings with customers. LMG emphasis on being: transparent, accountable and available at all times and in all aspects of the investment process.

2. Advisory solutions
This service enables our clients to retain full control over their investments by using our investment and execution capabilities. Our investment recommendations are reached by looking at each client's overall assets and situation; we leave it to them to make the final decision on whether to act on those recommendations LMG gives investment recommendations depending on the client's overall asset and situation. However we leave them making the final decision and thus either follwing our recomendation or not. LMG's exectution capabilties and network enable clients to benefit from its trading capabilities and institutional levels of market access.

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